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  • I am a woman of curiosity and awe, with both having positive impact on my business and life-in-general.

    As founder and Managing Director of 'business en motion', a management consultancy, I marvel at what makes leaders and organizations tick, what makes them react as they do to change and what drives the behaviors of all. Read more at http://www.businessenmotion.com

    My curiosity peaked when I discovered the majority of challenges organizations and leaders (and in fact ourselves!) face come from a lack of connection, with that realization giving birth to a changing leadership model called 'embers of the world'. Read more at http://www.embersoftheworld.com

    I'm happy to be with you all (finally!) and look forward to sharing more about my love of the great outdoors, alfresco dining and the ocean's salt spray - life truly couldn't be better!
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  • Dubai
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  • United Arab Emirates
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  • 'business en motion'
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  • Organization Development, Change Management, Strategy, Corporate Cultures, Learning Experiences
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  • http://www.businessenmo
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  • Debbie Nicol
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    Fairly excited! The 'embers' portfolio now has a corporate intervention added to its portfolio - one that will have corporate leaders collate a databank of both evidence and insights into the organization’s operational approach against changing environmental needs. Reflect - Connect . Collaborate - Innovate . Become Created by Debbie Nicolhttp://www.embersoftheworld.com 'embers of the world' is a product of 'business en motion'http://www.businessenmotion.com
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Enjoy my first attempt at posting an article&nb .....